The Facility

The comfort of our patients is our top priority.

At Gynosolutions Center, we know that hospital visit are quite unnerving. The last thing any patient wants is to the hassle to get proper care in any facility.

We ensure the provision of a state of the art facility that is fully equipped with laboratory and ultrasound scanning equipment. Our aim is to deliver quality obstetrics and gynaecology care to all our patients. More importantly without the hassle of leaving your area of care.

Gynosolutions Center, is fully equipped with different diagnostic tools to enable our providers give accurate diagnosis for all our patients from the onset. Where surgery may be necessary, we have the full-range of gynecologic surgical modalities to ensure you get access to comprehensive care. Our aim is to ensure you are comfortable and reassured.

At Gynosolutions Center, there are different room categories designed for patients to choose from. Every room is designed to match the specific needs of our patients while ensuring all our patients gets the required treatment. The room categories include;

  1. General Ward
  2. Semi-Private Room
  3. Private Room
  4. Excecutive Room and
  5. Neonatal ICU

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