Every woman’s first visit to gynecologist should be between 13 to 15 years. The first visit is typically a simple conversation between the teen and the physician but at times may include performing certain tests. All information provided is strictly confidential.
At Gynosolutions Center we serve women of all ages. Our services rage from free education sessions in schools, birth control, counselling, STI Testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, to GYN exams. Every teen should feel free to visit our offices for all concerns pertaining to sexual and reproductive health.
You can always make an appointment with us on the same day through our contacts or walk in to receive your gynaecology care. Our services run from Monday to Friday and we are easy to reach by public transportation from any part of Kiambu or Nairobi City.
An appointment at Gynosolutions is that space where you can inquire on any question you may have concerning your sexual and reproductive health. We encourage our patients to raise any questions on troublesome symptoms or conditions that we suspect but are not quite sure about. It is better to always exhaust your worries to the physician, it is why we are here to begin with.
Yes we do. It is important to note that many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be cured while there are those that cannot. The key to proper treatment and prevention of serious health issues is early diagnosis and treatment.
Gynosolutions offers different types of IUDs. We educate you on all of their differences and based on your needs and goals determine which IUD might be best for you.

Still have a question we haven’t answered? Please contact us for assistance. You can either Contact Us. We will be at your service.

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